Global Gaming took the customer experience to a new level when it launched the PayNPlay model, a solution that is now being emulated by all major operators in the industry. The company created a way for people to play online without the need to complete a tedious, time-consuming registration form – says Mark Wadsworth, COO & CPO at Global Gaming Group and Managing Director at Global Gaming Malta.



Every business has a story. Can you tell us yours?

Global Gaming’s story is about innovating an industry renowned for innovation. Customer experience is part of the strategic goals for all companies, and this translates into ever more ways to make the customer journey as smooth and seamless as possible. Global Gaming took this to a whole new level when it launched the PayNPlay model – a solution that is now being emulated by all major operators in the industry. We created a way for people to play on our sites without the need to complete a tedious, time-consuming registration form. We worked closely with the industry regulators to develop a solution which ensures the highest level of player responsibility by undertaking KYC on every single player before they can play.

In your view, what are the key competitive advantages of Malta and what are the key challenges of doing business internationally from Malta? 

Malta has a very attractive working environment, which is something very few other locations around the world have. There is an excellent resource pool of very talented and ambitious people that are eager to make their way into an industry that combines different aspects – from compliance to legal, from new technologies to marketing. Maltese people are diligent and keen to build long-term relationships, and they are willing to put trust and respect at the core.

Malta is now facing a new set of challenges. The success of the iGaming sector has brought to Malta highly paid professionals, and as the demand for housing has increased, the price of properties and rentals has increased exponentially. The island is also suffering from traffic congestion given that more and more people are driving on the Maltese roads.

Air links and flight connections from Malta are also a key factor in order to allow us to work with remote teams and suppliers. Despite the number of companies that have relocated from the Nordic countries to Malta, people still find it challenging to go on a business trip because there are no direct flights that fly from Malta to the Scandinavian region.

How would you assess the work of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)? 

We have worked diligently with the MGA on our recent licence application in Malta, and we have always found them to be open to discussion on new ideas. What is more, the MGA has been happy to work with us on finding solutions. In our quest for ground-breaking innovation, Global Gaming will always be pushing the boundaries with regulators. Working closely with the regulators, we can find new ways of ensuring the highest levels of responsible gaming.

What are the biggest opportunities for your particular business and for your sector in general in Malta?

The recent relocation of our operation management team to Malta shows that we believe that Malta is an attractive and long-term base for our company. Global Gaming prides itself on putting people first and giving them the freedom to work and grow within an innovative and product-led environment. Many iGaming professionals have relocated to Malta, therefore the company can benefit from the concentration of a skilled workforce that is specialised in this field.

Malta has established itself as one of the main gaming hubs. What does it need to do to remain relevant in this global industry?

The online, regulated gaming industry has not really been around that long, and there is more innovation to come. The Maltese authorities have to remain open and progressive in ensuring that Malta is a place where this level of innovation can flourish. This not only applies to the MGA; Malta also needs to look into supporting schemes which would ensure that people will be staying here for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, many people who relocate only stay for short periods. To remain relevant in the global gaming industry, Malta should implement solutions that help people to set up a more permanent base here.

 What’s your vision of the gaming industry in the next 5 to 10 years?

We will obviously see companies keeping up with innovation, as this is a key factor in the players’ choice of a gaming service. There are new generations of potential customers coming along who have grown up in the digital era, so their expectations and demands are often one step ahead of today’s market offerings. I believe that the industry is moving towards a more personalised and targeted service that is customised for each and every player.

What plans do you have for growing the company in 2018 and beyond?

A few months ago, the company had only one company representative in Malta. Today, we have over 1,000 square metres office space overlooking Manoel Island. We have almost 40 employees working in our office in Malta. By relocating operations to Malta, Global Gaming plans to remain on the island and invest in future growth. We look forward to recruiting the very best talent on the island, and we want to continue competing with the established iGaming companies by offering our most innovative products.

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