Wednesday, 22nd August (Malmö, Sweden) – SpelLandet, the new online casino from Global Gaming, is looking to hit the market with a bang with an innovative advertising agency in charge of the introductio

The campaign, which will include TV, radio, print and online advertising, started earlier this week and will run for an initial period of six weeks.

Like sister brand Ninja Casino, SpelLandet also uses the proprietary PayNPlay solution, ensuring the highest levels of responsible gaming whilst combining it with a smooth gaming experience.

Following on from Global Gaming’s success with Ninja Casino, the hiring of an established and prestigious advertising agency was important to add a new dimension to the SpelLandet launch, focusing on the slogan ‘Sometimes life is wonderful’.

“After seeing Ninja Casino skyrocket to success, we realised we had a perfect opportunity to capitalise on the market and provide another exciting casino product to our users with the launch of SpelLandet,” said Global Gaming Chief Growth Officer Alessandro Focardi.

“While Ninja Casino offers an exciting and unique experience, SpelLandet builds off the same technology and unique features encompassed with PayNPlay, and takes a different direction, one that is slightly more lighthearted. Our tagline ‘Sometimes life is wonderful’ sums it up really well. We all deserve a bit of fun and excitement now and then, and we feel SpelLandet can help provide that.”

“We went for the very best with Joakim Jonason’s New Ad Agency. He has been behind some incredible campaigns, such as Diesel’s ‘Successful Living’. We are creating a brand that will stand out in the market and we want it to be introduced with a campaign that will leave its mark, which we know will happen with Joakim and his team.”

Of New Ad Agency’s involvement in the launch, Joakim Jonason commented “We have always enjoyed working with disruptive concepts and brands that are known for ‘thinking outside the box’.” 

“With their innovation-driven products, known for challenging the norm in the iGaming industry, Global Gaming are a perfect match for our ideal innovative client. We are very excited to be working with them.”

For further information, please contact:

Alessandro Focardi, Chief Growth Officer

About Global Gaming

Global Gaming is a challenger in the iGaming industry, delivering innovative and safe gaming services and operating a number of successful casino brands.
Its flagship, Ninja Casino, builds on a revolutionary technology allowing players to enjoy a safe and seamless online casino experience without the hassle of a lengthy registration process.