At Global Gaming we are setting up a data science team that will assist colleagues across the company in making better decisions based on data driven insights and help improve our business and the experience of our players.

As the Data Science Team Leader, you will build the team and infrastructure that will support our journey towards becoming an organisation where data driven insights will allow everyone to make better, quicker and more confident decisions. You team will also help improve our services and help deliver a world class experience across all our products and markets.

Your responsibilities will be
  • Identify and evaluate the needs across the organisation and identify how you can help us improve our players’ experience
  • Develop a strategy for the Data Science team in cooperation with management and stakeholders from the organisation
  • Define the resources needed to build an exceptional team to solve Global Gaming needs and implement the strategy for your team
  • Build efficient analytical and data solutions that supports Global Gaming’s goals
  • Continuously work to improve existing tools and services and identify new and innovative approaches or tests to run
  • Work with closely with marketing, retention, product development and management to improve decision making
  • Present new findings and tools to stakeholders across the organisation
Desired qualifications
  • 3+ years’ experience in a similar role
  • Educated to degree levels in stats, maths, computer science or similar
  • Knowledge of data warehousing concepts, including data warehouse technical architectures, infrastructure components, ETL/ ELT and reporting/analytical tools and environments, data structures
  • Advanced statistical modelling and data analysis skills
  • Strong knowledge of MongoDB and SQL
  • Good communication and leadership skills
Additional assets
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and related practices
  • Experience with data visualisation tools
  • Previous experience within iGaming, social gaming, mobile gaming or similar

Where will you and your teams output be visible?
Everywhere! Global Gaming aims to deliver the very best user experience to our users, and you and your team will be the voice of our users and of our users behaviour and needs.

Through the design and development of complex models and algorithms, you and your team will refine our interaction with users and improve our product road maps by bringing high quality data and fresh perspectives into the heart of decision making across the organisations; from marketing to retention, from product development to management.

You and your fellow team members will be the favourite colleagues of your passionate and eager to improve future colleagues at Global gaming.

How will you achieve this?
We imagine that this will be a journey that starts with ”simple” actionable solutions that solves tactical needs and identify the strategic direction for your teams efforts. It will develop into better analysis of player data, developing and testing hypothesises, identifying trends and developing better player insights.

Your team will continue to provide ever more complex and precise algorithms that continuously improve the business and decision making before you will integrate machine learning and complex data based decision making processes as a key part of our users experience and our business development.

But then again, this journey will be defined by you in cooperation with Global Gaming’s strategy and management, so why don’t you tell us how you see this journey and this role below!

For further information regarding this role, please reach out to Chief Marketing Officer Morten Madsen at