Ready to find out if making the online gaming industry a safe, enjoyable, and innovative experience really is your playground? All you have to do is pass the 3 game levels below and claim the win! Let´s find out, shall we?! Here we go!



You will be on a mission to build the team and infrastructure that will support our journey towards becoming an organisation where data-driven insights allow everyone to make better, quicker, and more confident decisions. Simply put, you and your team will be the voice of our users, their behaviour and needs. In order to succeed, you will be responsible for:

  • identifying and evaluating needs throughout the organisation as well as devising ways to improve user experience;
  • developing the strategy for the Data Science team in co-operation with management and stakeholders from the organisation;
  • defining the required resources in order to build an exceptional team to meet the needs of Global Gaming;
  • creating efficient analytical and data solutions that support the goals of the organisation;
  • securing continuous improvement of the existing tools and services whilst keeping your eyes peeled for new and innovative approaches or tests to run. And, of course, you will present all new findings and tools to the stakeholders throughout the organisation.

Confident that you will be successful in that mission? Have you ticked off all the boxes? Brilliant! Let´s enter level 2.



In order to succeed at this level, who you are is of ultimate importance. Besides being a curious and intelligent individual by nature, you:


  • have at least 3 or more years’ experience in a similar role;
  • have a degree in statistics, mathematics, computer science or similar;
  • have knowledge of data warehousing concepts, including data warehouse technical architectures, infrastructure components, ETL/ ELT and reporting/analytical tools, environments and data structures;
  • have advanced statistical modelling and data analysis skills;
  • are very familiar with MongoDB and SQL;
  • are no stranger to machine learning algorithms and related practices;
  • are very familiar with data visualisation tools;
  • possess great communication skills and find it easy to build and maintain productive working relationships with different people;
  • lead by being a great role model and inspiration;
  • have previous experience within iGaming, social gaming, mobile gaming or similar industry.

Again, boxes ticked off? Well done, you! You are almost there, so let´s move to level 3 now!



Right, you have already got the idea that your role is all about working with different people. Besides the whole team eagerly waiting for you, these are the people accompanying you on your mission:

  • Marketing and Retention;
  • Product Developers;
  • Management.

You totally would choose them for the mission as well? Congratulations! It looks like you have a lot of what it takes to be a winner in this game.



  • Competitive salary with additional perks, e.g. annual health-related reimbursements of up to 450 EUR, travel insurance, and a fully stocked kitchen with healthy (and some unhealthy, but delicious) snacks;
  • Professional development opportunities and a chance to learn from the best in the industry;
  • Really making a valuable contribution in the online entertainment industry within a fast-growing, low-hierarchy, and innovation-oriented organisation;
  • Truly fun and supportive multinational team (and yes, a healthy dose of humour is guaranteed on a regular basis!).



Send us your CV together with a motivation letter where you highlight how you picture this journey of continuous improvement and business development through the role in question.

If you ticked off the boxes above and passed the game with flying colours, then we are looking forward to playing with you.