Front-End Developer Global Gaming Estonia job ad

As a Front-End Developer you are expected to wow the product owners by developing functionalities for our web applications, and to delight the designers by implementing the interface they conceive with pixel-perfect precision.

You are also welcome (and encouraged) to discuss and brainstorm proactively with the rest of the team to deliver the best possible digital products. Finally, you will eventually be expected to support senior developers on large projects.

What you need to bring to the table

As a developer we would like you to have the following experience:

  • Strong background with WordPress API and resourcefulness to utilize it.
  • Good eye for design, usability, typography and user experience.
  • Git source control management and working around a Unix environment.
  • Frontend development chops; HTML, CSS + CSS Preprocessors, JavaScript.
  • Frontend frameworks and build tools: Bootstrap, Gulp and/or Webpack.
  • Comfortable presenting your work to clients and working with feedback and iterations.

Preferred but not required skills

Plus points if you are familiar and have worked with the items below:

  • Working with Style guides, Wireframes and Rapid prototyping.
  • Semantic Markup, HTML5 Features such as Push Notifications and Web Workers.
  • Responsive design using progressive enhancement method.
  • Familiarity with tools such as Docker, CDN(s), Cloudflare, Firebase and really cool cloud services we haven’t heard about.

Does this sound interesting to you?

Send us your CV/Resume using the form below for starters, and maybe include some of the items below:

  • Send us a link to any of your social media portfolio like Github, Behance, Dribble, Codepen, or Themeforest account.
  • Send us a link to your most recent project and actual link (not the one from 5 years ago), or screenshots of your epic work.
  • And a cover letter why you think you’d be a good fit for this position.