Global Gaming is growing and are on the lookout for a talented Front End Developer who is looking to
join an innovative, diverse environment using the latest and emerging web technologies. As part of the
team you will help guide the evolution of our next generation of web applications in collaboration with a
talented team of full stack developers and visual experts. If you are an open minded, honest and driven
problem solver who is not fixated with a particular language but rather with the underlying concepts
and ideas, then read on.

Who Are You?

  • Proficient understanding of Vanilla JavaScript (ES5/6.)
  • Good understanding of React/Redux state management and the benefits of immutability.
  • Excited to write in a declarative functional style.
  • Strong in Test Driven Development, Unit and Functional testing.
  • Experienced in Continuous Integration. You deploy when you are ready.
  • Understands style modularity. BEM or SMACSS.
  • Used at least one of popular build tools, preferably Webpack or Gulp.
  • Had your fair share of GIT and version control.


Does this sound like you?

  • Gets excited upon hearing about Isomorphic JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps and gets a
    kick from pixel perfect interfaces.
  • Takes pride in the code they write and understands the importance of writing in a scalable and
    maintainable way. Occupies a Test Driven mindset.
  • Has a genuine interest that reaches beyond any course or education, is hungry for more
    learnings but also able to spread knowledge to those around you.
  • Enjoys working autonomously within a fast-paced environment where crazy smart people’s
    ideas contribute to awesome digital experiences.
  • Can communicate and work effectively in a team, without losing friends over the existence of a

The personal and professional development opportunities at Global Gaming are diverse. The right talent
can look forward to working with the latest technologies, the best tools and the newest sites and
products. As well as growing responsibility, with experience. We offer an attractive salary package that
reflects your skills and experience, including health benefits.

To apply Prepare your resume and an application letter and send it to us.