Ready to find out if making the online gaming industry a safe, enjoyable, and innovative experience really is your playground? All you have to do is pass the 3 game levels below and claim the win! Let´s find out, shall we?! Here we go!



Since you know exactly what makes the customer tick, you will be on a mission to create content that ultimately attracts high quality customers which in return improves customer lifetime value. In order to succeed, you are responsible for:

  • SEO audits to come up with ideas to improve content, site architecture as well as better the web property in co-operation with the Developers;
  • creation and implementation of SEO strategies and campaigns (including Outreach);
  • keyword research (a basic understanding of Paid Search is a must here!);
  • monitoring and reporting on progress and development of the web properties;
  • keeping the best practice guidelines up-to-date for the SEO Team (including Content Writers, Web Developers, and Designers).

Confident that you will be successful in that mission? Boxes all ticked off? Brilliant! Let´s enter level 2.



In order to succeed at this level, who you are is of ultimate importance. Besides being a curious and intelligent individual by nature, you:

  • are clearly a “left-brained” person: you have an analytical mind and problem-solving is totally your thing!;
  • are passionate about SEO and particularly in the context of a career within the iGaming industry. You are committed to continuously improve and keep up with the relevant trends and standards;
  • have a basic understanding of how Internet works, and it´s a bonus if you also have an idea how PCs and servers communicate;
  • are great friends with Excel and can navigate it even with your eyes closed;
  • can read html and understand what parts are actually relevant to SEO;
  • are highly proficient in spoken and written English (extra brownie points for fluent Swedish and/or Finnish);
  • are a multi-tasker who can quickly switch direction and still keep your focus;
  • possess a high level of self-discipline: you have the personal initiative to get started and the stamina to persevere and see things through to a successful completion;
  • are curious and want to understand why things work the way they do: “why?” is definitely one of your favourite words;
  • can complete the joke: “what do you call it when twins are pleased?”

Again, boxes ticked off? Well done, you! You are almost there, so let´s move to level 3 now!



Right, you have already got the idea that your role is all about working with different people and it will include many horizontal relationships to really make it work. Besides the whole team eagerly waiting for you, these are the people you will be co-operating with most closely on this mission:

  • the SEO Team;
  • Analytics Team;
  • Designers;
  • the Development Team.

You totally would choose them for the mission as well? Congratulations! It looks like you have got what it takes to be a winner in this game.



  • Competitive salary with additional perks, e.g. annual health-related reimbursements of up to 450 EUR, travel insurance, and a fully stocked kitchen with healthy (and some unhealthy, but delicious) snacks;
  • Professional development opportunities and a chance to learn from the best in the industry;
  • Really making a valuable contribution in the online entertainment industry within a fast-growing, low-hierarchy, and innovation-oriented organisation;
  • Truly fun and supportive multinational team (and yes, a healthy dose of humour is guaranteed on a regular basis!).



Send us your CV together with a motivation letter. While you’re at it, we have a little extra mission for you: imagine that we have just finished the interview and you feel it went really well. Just as you step out of the office, you find a lottery ticket and you win 10 million EUR. What would you do? This is one of these “no right-no wrong”, only honest and “dream huge” answers!

If you ticked off the boxes above and passed the game with flying colours, we are waiting to play together with you.

The Mission awaits!