Ready to find out if making the online gaming industry a safe, enjoyable, and innovative experience really is your playground? All you have to do is pass the 3 game levels below and claim the win! Let´s find out, shall we?! Here we go!

Level 1

You will be on a mission to clearly define the goals and achieve the desired results for our agile development team. In order to succeed, you are responsible for:

  • Building quality web applications in C# .NET
  • Revising, updating, refactoring, and debugging code.
  • Maintaining web-based services.
  • Integrating with other services.
  • Building frontend admin panels in HTML/Javascript.
  • Maintaining performant MySQL databases.
  • Taking part in team Code Reviews.
  • Using Jenkins and Octopus.

Confident that you will be successful in that mission and ticked off all the boxes? Brilliant! Let´s enter

Level 2

In order to succeed at this level, who you are is of ultimate importance. Besides being a curious and intelligent individual by nature, you:

  • Will have a proven experience in delivering high quality, enterprise applications.
  • Are never fully satisfied with the work and always think there is room for improvement.
  • Are enthusiastic about writing clean, scalable code in .NET.
  • Understand how to work as part of a Sprint team in an Agile environment.
  • Possess high-level (oral as well as written) English.

Again, boxes ticked off? Well done, you! You are almost there, so let´s move to level 3 now!

Level 3

Right, you have already got an idea that your role is all about building a great iGaming product! Besides the whole team eagerly waiting for you, these are the people you will be on a mission with:

  • Our development teams, especially our frontend team;
  • Our testers.

You totally would choose them for the mission as well? Congratulations! It looks like you have a lot of what it takes to be a winner in this game.

What’s the jackpot?

  • Competitive salary with additional perks, e.g. annual health-related reimbursements, a travel insurance etc.
  • Professional development opportunities and a chance to learn from the best in the industry;
  • Really making a valuable contribution in the online entertainment industry within a fast-growing, low-hierarchy, and innovation-oriented organisation;
  • Truly fun and supportive multinational team (and yes, a healthy dose of humour is guaranteed on a regular basis!).

Contact and Application

This recruitment is being handled in collaboration with Dfind IT. If you have any questions please contact Recruitment Consultant Elin Bjursten +46 709 479553.

Please apply via our online recruitment system at with your CV together with a motivation letter where you highlight how your direct contribution in the role will have an impact on the group´s success story as well as how you see yourself grow as a professional and individual in the future.

We do not accept applications via e-mail, these applications will be disregarded. Your application will be handled confidentially.