Global Gaming creates the conditions for people to enjoy the casino experience online – and for our staff to enjoy a developing lifestyle. This means caring for players as well as for employees.
Not because we “must”, but because we care.

A friendly working

Joining Global Gaming means entering an innovative and fast-growing team of friendly people with diverse – but highly specialized – skills. Our corporate culture is driven by innovation, start-up spirit and an eagerness for change, as well as caring for each other – professionally, personally, and privately.

The best people in the business

We believe in, and live by, our four core values (respect for the individual, agility, quality and customer value). As a result, we can attract and retain the best people in the business. We offer competitive remuneration and a sustainable approach to both people and organisation, such as pragmatic and demand-driven personal development,
and caring leadership.

A place to grow

The personal and professional development opportunities at Global Gaming are diverse. The right talent can look forward to working with the latest technologies, the best tools and the newest sites and products. As well as growing responsibility, with experience. We offer an attractive salary package that reflects your skills and experience, including health benefits. We are also open to working remotely.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is our main operations office, offering customer service, marketing and sales. Our team here consists of
a wide selection of people from different age groups and family situations, coming from a variety of international backgrounds. All of them are highly skilled and take great pride in their jobs and their development. You will find our office close to the city centre, as well as to the airport

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is our primary development office. Here, you find an extraordinary group of dedicated, meticulous and down to earth developers, strategists and tech heads. Different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities create an unique blend that enhances anyone who comes to see us. As does the city itself. And yes, the dots on the 'ö' in “Malmö” really belong there!

Sliema, Malta

The Sliema office is a mix of the two others offices, with
a leaning towards development and marketing. Most of the team members here are seasoned senior professionals, enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of the Mediterranean Sea and the possibilities it offers for combining focused working with a quiet family life.

Join the team
and become one of the best

We come from most continents and work in multiple locations, but if working at home, or away, or travelling, means a better life for you, you are welcome to do so. Working in the office is voluntary; as long as you deliver you can work more or less where it pleases you.

However, this does not in any way mean that we don’t like to hang out together. On the contrary. Our shared Tuesday breakfasts, after work activities, and kick offs, are legendary and an integral part of who we are.